Central Election Commission amended List of Countries to deliver Voting Packages

At today’s session, the Central Election Commission of Bosnia and Herzegovina amended the Decision on the list of countries that will be enabled to deliver voting packages through diplomatic and consular missions of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Avaz writes.

The Czech Republic, France and Greece are now on the amended list, while Australia, Canada, Hungary, the Republic of Finland, the Russian Federation and the United States are on the list.

”In the conditions of extremely difficult or interrupted postal traffic caused by the COVID-19 virus pandemic, as well as in the case of significantly difficult postal traffic with overseas countries, the voter may submit a return envelope to the Central Diplomatic Mission of Bosnia and Herzegovina in a special an envelope containing the postmark of the country from which the vote is taken, with the date on the postmark no later than 15.11.2020. that is, for voters who vote for the City Council of the City of Mostar from those countries on December 20,this year,” stated from the CEC.

Voters who vote by mail from these countries are now allowed to deliver their voting packages by mail to the address of the BiH diplomatic and consular mission abroad, noting that the envelope for the BiH diplomatic and consular mission states: “Voting package, do not open.”

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