Central Bank of BiH’s warns on Fabricated Statement on Cryptocurrencies that circulates the Internet


The Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBH) warns the public that the fabricated statement of the CBBH Governor, Senad Softić, circulates the Internet, it was published as part of the article “A New Financial Interview of Goran Bregović Can Help Bosnians to Get Rich”, and encouraging citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to invest into cryptocurrencies.

The CBBH underlines that this institution has never made or will make statements suggesting any kind of investment, including investing in cryptocurrencies. The CBBH’s positions on cryptocurrency and fintech have already been known and repeatedly published and they are in line with the policies of the European Central Bank (ECB), advocating a conservative and prudent approach.

Having in mind that this fabricated statement can be interpreted as a kind of support of the Governor and the CBBH, as an institution, to make certain financial decisions, the CBBH warns citizens to be cautious about the fact that the text, containing non-existing Governor’s statement, also provides instructions for investing in cryptocurrencies.

We also want to draw the attention of the citizens that this article was made in a way to give the impression that it was published by one of the news portals in Bosnia and Herzegovina. At the bottom of the article there are positive comments, by which the author obviously wanted to raise the level of the content credibility. The only thing this article differed in appearance from the article at the original news portal, is the link on which it is located.

Having in mind all above mentioned, as well as the increasing trend of internet frauds, the CBBH urges citizens to pay attention to the information placed on the Internet, and especially to those concerning their property and/or personal data.

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