Cantonal Administration of Civil Protection Sarajevo: Prepare Yourself for the Upcoming Rainfall

November 11, 2017 11:00 AM

The Cantonal Administration of Civil Protection has issued a warning to all legal and physical persons to take preventive measures with the aim to protect people’s lives and material and technical resources from possible natural causes.

According to the forecasts of the Federal Meteorological Institute, in the upcoming time period, i.e. the upcoming weekend and early next week, is expected a deterioration of weather conditions that will be followed by rain and snow at altitudes above 700 meters as well as gradual decrease of temperature.

This warning was issued by the Cantonal Administration of the Civil Protection due to the inadequate preparation of certain protection and rescue subjects for response to natural disasters.

With these preventive measures, the preconditions for more efficient and faster responses of all subjects of the protection and rescue system to all future potential challenges and threats were created. This is the only way in which can be avoided large material damages, as well as injuries and human sacrifices that might happen due to natural and other accidents.

They also appealed to all subjects to immediately submit all the information in case of any danger that can lead to the natural and other disasters to the Cantonal Civil Protection Center at tel. num.121, as noted from the Press Service of CS.



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