Businessman from UAE to build Shopping Center and Recreational Complex?


Three months after the memorandum was signed in Zenica defining the rights and obligations of the City of Zenica and Rasiyat with respect to establishing the conditions for the implementation of the construction project of the shopping center and recreational complex Zenica-South Business and Recreation Area, Director of the United Arab Emirates Company The Emirate of Muhammad A. Al-Yamani is again in the City Administration and is visiting the site known as the “Antenna”.

The Rasiyat company in Zenica wants to build a state-of-the-art shopping mall and recreational complex unique of its kind in Europe, as Mr. Al-Yamani pointed out during a meeting with Mayor Fuad Kasumovic.

The initiator of this project is Mayor Kasumovic, whose goal is the economic progress of Zenica and Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Yamani explained that they believe that the strategic location and its potential is huge and that they are working on planning and researching a project that will create a whole wave of jobs in Zenica and throughout BiH.

“Since this is a big project, it needs to be developed in stages. Each stage of development must monitor the market situation, how the market will react, etc. We are talking about the hotel and catering industry, trade, entertainment and look optimally at the further development of the project,” Muhammad A. Al-Yamani said.

During his stay in Zenica, Mr. Al-Yamani visited several sites that were of interest to investors, and he had a great support from the Zenica City Administration. “We do not divide investors into big and small.

Every job is valuable to us, and Mr. Al-Yamani is convinced that with the realization of this project, there will be a massive return of our people who went to work abroad. I urge all interested investors, especially our local people, to invest in their city because we are the most favorable local investment community, ”Mayor Kasumovic said, Biznis Info reports.

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