Brega is helping the band ‘Grafit’

April 6, 2013 9:37 AM

Goran-Bregovic2In the basement in Buča Potok, members of the band ‘Grafit’ are playing one of their many new songs, and are tutored by the great Goran Bregović, reports Dnevni avaz.

Band ‘Grafit’ is led by Bakir Hadžiomerović and is preparing a new album with the assistance of Bregović.

Hadžiomerović said that they started working on new songs, and added that Bregović offered to help, which made the entire band happy. He added that the plan to release the new album in summer, and the premiere will be held during Sarajevo Film Festival.

‘Grafit’ was founded in nineties and it was one of the young bands which was very active during the siege. The band consists for Bakir Hadžiomerović, Jasmin Vesnić, Almas Smajlović, Edin Telalagić and Edo Saltagić. They all do other jobs too, but they all like to record to play the music.

Bregović said that he’s glad to have come to the rehearsal, because he didn’t hear Sarajevo rock’n’roll for a long time, and the band plays exactly that.

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