Brcko Arbitral Tribunal Presiding Arbitrator Clint Williamson visits BiH

In his role as the Presiding Arbiter of the Arbitral Tribunal for Brčko, Ambassador Clint Williamson will be making this week one of his regular, periodic visits to Brcko to meet with senior District officials and assess the current state of affairs in the Brcko District.

“Brcko’s strategic location, decision making autonomy and robust budget provides the elected officials of the District the opportunity to make the community of the Brcko District an example of good governance and prosperity for all of BiH. During my visit, I look forward to hearing from District officials how they are committed to achieving these goals, as envisioned in the award,” Ambassador Williamson stated.

Today in Brcko, he will meet Mayor Sinisa Milic and Deputy Mayor Anto Domic, as well as Speaker of the Brcko Assembly Esed Kadric and Deputy Speaker Ivo Filipovic. Ambassador Williamson will also visit Sarajevo, where he will have a meeting in BiH Presidency and with other stakeholders.

Ambassador Williamson reiterated that, under the terms of the Final Award, covered under Annex 2 to the GFAP, the Brcko Tribunal’s jurisdiction will continue to exist until the Supervisor, with the approval of the High Representative, notifies the Tribunal that the conditions for its closure have been met.


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