Boy from Bosnia-Herzegovina sent an Interesting Letter regarding Politicians to Santa Claus




An interesting letter appeared on the Internet. The boy Peter P.  wrote to Santa Claus from the Gradiška Cultural Centre.

“Dear Santa,

I have only one wish and I ask you to fulfill it. When you get back to the North Pole, take all the politicians, but I mean all of them. Don’t forget anyone of them here. Please just keep them well, so they don’t run away. Then I’ll be able to watch my programme on TV, without my dad watching the National Assmebly broadcast. Please hire them there, at the North Pole, to pack your toys and sweets. Just be careful, they will be arguing there too, because they are so used to it. If you let them argue, they will do nothing, and next time you will have to come without toys and candy. I hope you can handle it and fulfill my wish.

Your Peter P. ”


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