Bosnians developed Application that reveals Car Radars in BiH

June 20, 2018 10:00 AM

Creative residents of Mostar developed the “EasyDrive” application for the territory of BiH, which is aimed at facilitating drivers by showing where are located police controls, stationary radars, video surveillance and closed roads.

This application was developed in Mostar and its download and use became available just a few days ago. The main idea of this application is to timely notify users about certain types of events that might occur on the road, including the following:

  • police controls,
  • stationary radars,
  • video surveillance and
  • closed roads.

Users can easily share information about such events between each other, and they can also evaluate reliability of information in order to allow app system to recognize users who are sharing fake information and ban them from further malversation on this application.

Creators of this application noted that application has more information for BiH than any other application of that type and some of the features of the application include:

– application shows information within the radius of 80 kilometers

– user are able to erase only their own entries

– application follows behaviour of users in order to follow who shares fake information, with the aim to ban them from further malversation on the application

– application will include the information on police controls that are publicly shared by the police

– it is possible to evaluate information and to share events that are not listed in the application

This application is currently available for Android devices and it should be available for iOS soon. For users who do not have mobile application, there is also the official web page where these events will be available as well –

Application is completely free of charge, according to creators, and you can download it HERE.



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