Bosnian won Gold Medal in Russia for his Three-Phase Hybrid Tesla Rotary Engine Project

At the International Fair of Innovation and New Technologies “Archimedes”, held from March 26 to 29 in Moscow, Zoran Vujinovic won the first place for the Three-Phase Hybrid Tesla rotary engine project.

“In addition to the gold medal, I have received the recognition of the Faculty of Technology in Volga. The project went well,” Vujinovic said in a statement for Federal News Agency.

He also stressed that this award for him represents a great international acknowledgment, as well as confirmation of the feasibility of his project.

Vujinovic added that he has been chosen by the international jury and that this is a confirmation that he has done the job properly.

“Archimedes” has been growing as an exhibition of innovations for years, so it has become one of the central innovators gathering in the East and has become a partner of many innovators, scientists, industrial property owners and entrepreneurs.

The main aims of Salon “Archimedes” are stimulation of inventive, patent-licensing and innovation activities; development of the market for the results of intellectual activity, assist the ance in promotion of new products and services.

In 2018 Salon “Archimedes” gathered participants from more than 250 organisations, 26 countries and 55 regions of the Russian Federation. They successfully presented 700 inventions and innovative projects.


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