Bosnian Selma Aljovic is Opera Singer in Vienna


Selma Aljovic from Sarajevo is a young opera singer and entrepreneur.  Specifically, six years ago she came to study in Vienna, where she has been practicing opera singing and teaching for many years. She discovered her singing talent from an early age and started studying classical singing when she was only 10 years old.

In her hometown, she finished elementary music school, then high school, in order to continue her academic education in a city that has been recognized by the classical music scene for centuries.

“On the recommendation of Denyce Graves, a famous American mezzo-soprano, I decided to study in Vienna.  It was not difficult at all to opt for study in Vienna, given that this city has always been considered the center of culture and art in Europe and is one of the most popular destinations for arts, medicine or science studies,” Aljovic explained for Oslobodenje news portal.

Although she currently serves as the Artistic Director of the Women’s Academic Choir of the Bosnian Academic Society – Mimoza, and is the principal of a school she opened two and a half years ago under the name Vienna International Music School, the aspiring Sarajevan has an aspiration is to pursue a doctorate or another master’s for the opera and performing arts.

“There is one entrance exam and I am actively preparing for it. Vienna’s diploma in quality really justifies the reputation that accompanies it and thus opens many doors. What for Harvard lawyers, for us artists, is the Vienna Conservatory. Being always ready is the goal of every performer.

In addition to her music career, Selma is extremely interested in the life of Bosnians in Austria, and for almost a year and a half she has successfully served as Vice President of the Bosnian Academic Society in Austria.



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