Bosnian Hana Sahinbegovic doing PhD at the University of Ostrava in Czech Republic

“On behalf of the BH Futures Foundation family, we are proud to announce that we are one member and scholar richer. This person will begin their PhD studies very soon. Allow us to introduce 23-year-old student, Hana Šahinbegović, whose potential and outstanding performance in science was recognized by the academic and professional staff at the University of Ostrava in Czech Republic,” was announced by BH Futures Foundation.

Hana finished her Bachelor studies at the Department of Genetics and Bio-engineering at International Burch University in 2017. As the best student in her generation at her department, she was offered a full scholarship to continue her Master studies however decided to go to Spain instead and enrol into an “Advanced Genetics” Master Program at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Along with her studies in Barcelona, she also completed a six-month internship at Vall d’Hebron Research Institute at the Translational Molecular Pathology Laboratory where she successfully finalized her Master thesis titled “Translation of a truncated form of Cx43: mechanistic and functional insight”.

What is even more impressive about Hana is the fact that, while applying for PhD position abroad and waiting for results to be announced, she came back to International Burch University to finish the story that started in 2014. She enrolled into a second master program within the field of Genetics and Bioengineering, which she will finish next year. Additionally, in the meantime, Hana worked as an English and piano teacher.

Being offered many different PhD positions all around the world, Hana admits that it was a difficult to choose the university and the program to enrol to, however due to her passion for cancer research she decided to join Blood Cancer Research Group (BCRG) in Ostrava, Czech Republic, where she received a fully founded PhD student position. BCRG was founded as a joint project of the University Hospital Ostrava and Medical Faculty, University of Ostrava. BCRG teams focus on both basic and pre-clinical research with the main aim to develop novel therapeutically approaches in the field of monoclonal gammopathies and other hematological disorders.

We congratulate Hana for her success and wish her all the best in her new chapter of life and education. We don’t have any doubt that she will be a great ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Czech Republic.

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