Bosnia ranks Fourth in the World in terms of Deaths per Million Inhabitants

Bosnia and Herzegovina ranks a frighteningly fourth in the world in terms of deaths per million inhabitants. This shocking data was published on the first day of 2021 on the worldometers.info website, where world statistics from various fields of life are published in real-time by an independent team of researchers, programmers and volunteers.

How reliable these data are is evidenced by the fact that the government of the United Kingdom, the American University of John Hopkins, as well as the world media Financial Times, The New York Times, BBC and others rely on the statistics of worldometers.info.

According to the latest data regarding the coronavirus pandemic, it is fourth on the list of 218 countries in BiH with 1,249 deaths per million inhabitants. Worse than us are Slovenia, Belgium and San Marino. Slovenia records 1,365 deaths per million inhabitants, reports RAdio Sarajevo.

When it comes to other countries of the former Yugoslavia, behind us are Northern Macedonia with 1,214, Montenegro with 1,097, Croatia with 1,008 deaths per million inhabitants. The situation is much better in Albania, which has 415 deaths, and in Serbia, with 381 deaths per million inhabitants.

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