Boeing 747 with Respirators from the Emirates landed at Sarajevo Airport


Despite the announcement by the Bosnian Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the arrival of the plane with a donation in the form of respirators and other aids during the pandemic was canceled, a Boeing 747 from the United Arab Emirates landed at Sarajevo airport on Friday, news portal reports.

“The arrival of humanitarian aid from the United Arab Emirates has been canceled. The previously announced donation ceremony at Sarajevo International Airport is being canceled,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina said in a brief statement.

However, yesterday at around 2 pm, a plane with 50 respirators, 20,000 protective suits, 40,000 visors, 20,640 goggles, 420,000 N95 masks, disposable surgical masks and disposable protective masks and 148,000 pairs of gloves landed at Sarajevo International Airport.

Containers containing the equipment were unloaded from the plane after landing.

The problem of Bosnian authorities is that they have nowhere to storage the equipment, and the reason is the inability to take over the donation due to the complicated decision-making system on the distribution of equipment and aids between the entities.

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