Bjelasnica soon to be One of the best Ski Resorts in the Region

Ideal Day Bjelašnica idemo.baDirector of the company ZOI’84 Midhat Hubijar claims that Bjelasnica will be one of the best regional ski centers as well as one of the most competitive ones in Europe upon the completion of works on the vertical transportation and artificial snowing. Completion of works is expected by the end of August, and the ski season should last from 5 to 6 months thanks to this project.

In order for ZOI’84 to be able to maintain the season and provide ideal conditions for skiing to its visitors, they need the accumulation with the capacity of 38,000 cubic meters of water, and the construction approval for this will be completed within the next few days.

“The total value of the project is 16 million BAM. We transferred 6 million BAM of advance to contractors, which are a company from Slovenia, a company from Switzerland and subcontractor from Sarajevo. The government secured 10 million BAM through loans,” stated Hubijar.

Plans for the next year include putting into operation of the restaurant that is located at the top of Bjelasnica, and which is impossible to reach without adequate transportation, as well as the expansion of routes and creation of new ski trails.

When it comes to the summer season, all contents from Bjelasnica were transferred to Malo Polje that now offers a panoramic tour of vertical transportation, cycling routes, renting of bicycles, basketball, volleyball, and football, as well as a playground for little children.

“We agreed on the expansion of bike trails on Veliko Polje as well, we are opening a summer garden next to the hotel Ferry, and we will prepare a football field next month as well. We also need to arrange parking lots, and we have to make the accumulation lake in the upcoming year on Veliko Polje in order to have the conditions for artificial snowing for EYOF 2019. When it comes to Malo Polje, we are planning to put in operation hotel Sky, and negotiations for the revitalization of diving towers are taking place as well,” noted Director of ZOI’84, Midhat Hubijar.

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