BiH’s Presidency Chairman: For me, Kosovo is an Independent Country


Bosnia-Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic said in an interview with Kosovo Radio Television that, despite the fact that there was mutual recognition between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Kosovo, it was in fact a done business.

“As things stand now, we have to wait, though I have no dilemma that Kosovo is an independent state,” Komsic said. Asked by a reporter if there was an agreement, Komsic replied that there is no agreement, but that he has the right to his personal position.

“In my diplomatic procedures, I have to abide by some rules that I reiterate, for me Kosovo is an independent state. It’s a job already done, it’s just a matter of when others in the region will accept it, “ Komsic said.

As for the possible agreement between Kosovo and Serbia, Komsic said that “everything that happens with Kosovo, especially the Belgrade-Pristina talks, is a matter of their agreements.

Komsic added that no matter what they agree on, there can be no precedent for solving the problem, as outlined in the Western Balkans, and especially in Bosnia-Herzegovina. He stressed that the accession of BiH and the Western Balkans to NATO would be a “salvation for the region”, Radiosarajevo reports.



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