BiH police seize 25 kilograms of Skunk, arrest 2 Persons

February 10, 2019 9:00 AM

Members of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s (BiH’s) Federal Police Administration (FUP) have seized 25 kilograms of skunk drug and arrested 2 persons on Friday in Sarajevo.

In the raid code-named “Lim”, with the assistance of BiH Intelligence and Security Agency, police officers conducted searches of 28 years-old M.D and 42 years-old O.M. and their vehicles, FUP statement said on Saturday.

During the raid, police officers found 30 packages of the narcotic drug Cannabis Sativa L, of the street name “skunk”, totaling 25 kilograms, mobile phones, and other items that can serve as evidence in criminal proceedings.

After criminal processing, persons deprived of liberty will be transferred to the competent Prosecutor’s Office.

On Jan.30, 2019, police seized a record amount of over 100 kilograms of the drug ‘skunk’ and arrested three persons in Sarajevo.

BiH, along with other Balkan countries, lies on the route of international drug trafficking linking western Europe and Asia.


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