BiH exported most to Germany and imported from Croatia in last Year

February 19, 2018 2:00 PM

Last year, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) exported most goods to Germany, more precisely 1.61 billion BAM or 14.14 percent of total exports.

According to the data of the Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH on foreign trade of BiH with the world, 1.326 billion BAM or 11.65 percent was exported to Croatia, 1.218 billion BAM or 10.70 percent to Italy, 1.157 billion BAM or 10.17 percent to Serbia, 987 million BAM or 8.68 percent to Slovenia, 908 million BAM to Austria, and 432 million BAM to Turkey.

Most of the goods were imported from Croatia, more precisely 2.968 billion BAM or 16.09 percent of total imports, then from Serbia with 2.455 billion BAM or 13.8 percent, from Germany with 1.750 billion BAM or 9.49 percent, from Slovenia with 1.629 billion BAM, from Italy with 1.62 billion BAM, from Austria with 906 million BAM, from Hungary with 679 million BAM, from Turkey with 656 million BAM, and from Russia with 585 million BAM.

17% of the total exports was exported to the CEFTA countries, and 15.5% of the total imports was imported from it.

Export-import coverage was 67.4 percent.

The largest export-import coverage is in the commodity trade with Austria and amounts to 100.29 percent, which means that there are more exports than imports.

Germany is next, with which export-import coverage is 91.96 percent,then Italy with 75.18 percent, Turkey with 65.86 percent, Netherlands with 61.10 percent, and Slovenia with 58.47 percent.

The volume of foreign trade of BiH with Turkey last year amounted to one billion and 80 million BAM. Exports amounted to 432.11 million BAM and was higher by 7.67 percent compared to 2016. Imports from Turkey increased by 9.86 percent and amounted to 656.15 million BAM.

Goods imported from Russia amounted to 575 million and 974 thousand BAM, which is an increase for 430.35 percent compared to 2016, when it amounted to 108.6 million BAM.

146.94 million BAM was exported to Russia, or 33.27 percent more than in 2016, when it amounted to 110.26 million BAM. Foreign trade deficit of BiH with this country amounts to about 429 million BAM.




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