BiH is the only Country from the former Yugoslavia that ratified the Paris Agreement

June 12, 2017 10:45 AM

signingCountries like BiH need to work on consideration of potential consequences of climate changes, to strengthen the awareness about the need to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere and to adopt appropriate legislation and secure legal mechanisms for its implementation.

When it comes to BiH, it is the only country of the former Yugoslavia that ratified the Paris agreement and adopted the Strategy of approximation in the field of environment, as well as the third national report on climate changes. The fourth report is in the process of preparation and drafting as well,” said Senad Oprasic, the Head of Department for Environment at the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH.

Meteorologist Zeljko Majstorovic, who also spoke at the session of “Circle 99”, continue to study the impact of climate changes on BiH although he retired.

This process is in accordance with the ones on a global scale, temperatures are constantly growing, in BiH, for example, a degree in a period of hundred years, said Majstorovic.

The consequences of warming, according to Majstorovic, are increasing extremes of meteorological parameters and very frequent fronts that are bringing different extremes.

Rainfall have a trend of increase in comparison to the average and it is not a bad situation at the first sight but the regime of rainfall is constantly changing and thus we have floods or drought, depending on whether there is lack or excess of rainfall.



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