BHMAC: Demining of 5 km2 expected by the End of the Year

August 21, 2016 8:00 PM

mineIn the first half of 2016, the operations of humanitarian demining in BiH took place on 122 tasks on the area of 5,807,382 m2. Of these, a total of 51 task were completed on the sampled area of 3,088,018 m2, according to BHMAC.

In the mentioned operations was found and destroyed 300 anti-personnel mines, 20 anti-tank mines, 211 pieces of ESZR and 302 pieces of cluster submunitions.

The current activities of humanitarian demining are carried out throughout BiH on 71 task of humanitarian demining on the area of 2,719,364 m2.

By the end of 2016 is expected demining of the area of 5 km2 in accordance with the Annual Mine Action Strategy for 2016 and the List of priority tasks of humanitarian demining in 2016, as announced from the BHMAC.

One third of the mine problem in BiH is planned to be solved by the year of 2019.

Current size of suspected dangerous area with mines in BiH is 1141.1 km2 or 2.3 % compared to the total area of BiH.

Through operations of systematic surveillance was defined a total of 8,970 suspected micro-locations with mines, where the presence of around 82,000 mines is estimated.

In 2016 in BiH were registered two demining and one mine accident, in which three persons were killed while two people got injured.

Since 1992, in mine/cluster munitions accidents in BiH was engaged 8,364 people. During the war period (1992-1995) a total of 6,352 people was engaged in mine accidents, while in the post-war period (since 1996) in the mine accidents was engaged 1,738 people, of which 606 were fatal.

Since 1996, 123 miners were engaged in the accidents during humanitarian demining, of which 49 deminers were killed.



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