BH Telecom finishes year with 148 million BAM of profit

December 26, 2012 3:56 PM

BH Telecom Company estimates, based on the results achieved in the first eleven month and expectation for December that the company will achieve revenue of 612 million BAM; expenses are 464 million BAM, while profit is 148 million BAM.

President of BH Telecom Nedžad Rešidbegović noted that the company was exposed to numerous market influences in the previous period; recession, the effects of competition, liberalization of markets, political influence and the complicated application of the Law of Public Procurement.

Total realization of investments in 2012 was o 110 million BAM, which more than 60 percent was realised by domestic companies, and the expected dividend in the amount of about 110 million BAM.

“This year we will pay a dividend to shareholders of 110 million BAM, 115 million KM taxes we’ll return to the state budget,” said Rešidbegović.

He said that the BH Telecom achieved good results in relation to business conditions in 2012.

Rešidbegović said that through 3550 sponsorship arrangement with the major cultural, sporting, scientific and other public institutions, BH Telecom returned 32,772,275 BAM to community.

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