B&H Statistics Agency Acknowledged One Million Missing Census Forms

popis (1)The B&H Statistics Agency finally began an investigation yesterday on the lack of census materials in the RS, for which the Bosniak population in this entity has been complaining about for days.

The Agency decided to immediately print added census materials, around 50.000 and to send it to the RS Statistics Agency.

Also, the Census Bureau of the Agency urgently requested yesterday from the entity Statistics Agency to immediately submit a report on where there is a lack of census materials, to be reflected on the reserved materials of ten percent that the census commissions received of the local government and to specify what happened with the reserved materials that the entity institutes took from the B&H Statistics Agency.

‘’The Census Bureau of the Agency for Statistics insists that the reasons for the lack of P1 forms will be determined, and why the problems with the lack of census materials have not been solved, which have been ongoing since Sunday, and to determine where are around one million census forms that were distributed to the field’’, said the B&H Agency for Statistics.

If on the basis of the entity reports the reasons for the lack of census materials is not determined, the B&H Agency for Statistics will start a review process of the responsibilities of all participants in the census, from municipal census commissions to entity institutes.

(Source: Dnevni Avaz)

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