Benefits of Studying Abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina



Thanks to the process of globalization, the limits that existed previously are eliminated. Thus, students can freely learn in almost any country they want. Studying abroad is very popular among students because it enriches their cultural and life experiences, sheds more light on the customs and traditions of other cultures, makes them more knowledgeable, skilled, and experienced. One of the possible options is to study abroad in Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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You’ll Be Unique

First of all, you’ll surely step out of the crowd if you go to this country. About 100 students from the USA receive scholarships to study in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Therefore, it’s a great and exclusive luck to go there and try a special course for American students. If it’s important to be unique, it’s a benefit.

Access to an Amazing Culture

Another great benefit is the possibility to familiarize yourself with a unique culture. This country has combined historical and cultural experiences of the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires. Their legacies are authentic and can be rarely met elsewhere. Besides, the country is very beautiful and impressive. Although it’s small, it adds some romantic atmosphere. If you’re an adventurous person who is fond of history, traditions, and culture, Bosnia and Herzegovina is exactly what you need. 

It’s Less Expensive

The living standards of the USA are pretty demanding and so, life becomes quite expensive. On the contrary, Bosnia and Herzegovina offers great conditions without demanding a lot. People who used to live and study there claim that it takes about $100 per month for overhead expenses like textbooks and other learning stuff. The cost of rent is $300. This is all you’ll pay if you use your budget reasonably. Of course, the cost of education is also cheaper compared to American colleges and universities.

Honing Your Language Skills

Another great benefit is the possibility to improve your language skills. Perhaps the local language isn’t the most popular in the world but its rarity has hidden benefits. For example, you intend to become a translator or interpreter. If you know such widely spread languages as German, French, or Spanish, you’ll have a pretty high salary. Nonetheless, the rarity of a foreign language has the most important influence on your salary. If you find a translation agency that specifies in rare languages, your newly gained language skills may help to earn a lot of money.

Personal Development

Life in a foreign country changes you as a personality. You gain experience living and learning in another culture. It definitely changes you due to the challenges you face. These are cultural shock, language barriers, a strange way of thinking, etc. The way you face your challenges affects your personal development. Many people finally understand who they are when they travel abroad for some time. Besides, you may be lucky to establish some useful relations that may provide you with better career perspectives.

Tricks to Succeed Abroad

It’s not always easy to adapt to a totally strange environment. That’s why we offer several smart tricks, which will help to succeed when you go to study abroad. These are as follows:

  • Learn the language. It’s of great importance to know the local language because this is the key to finding mutual understanding. Besides, the locals surely like and take much pride in their nation when they hear other people speak their native language. It’s a great chance to make good friends with other folks.
  • Be informed.  Another vital trick is to stay informed. If you intend to study in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you should find one or several reliable informative sites in this country. Such a site can be found in English and so, you’ll easily understand the news and problems it highlights. Knowing what currently happens in the country, you’ll adapt faster and may avoid potential misunderstandings with the locals.
  • Get in touch with the culture. Try to learn as many local customs and traditions as possible. Remember that this is quite a strange culture and some of your typical habits may offend them. Therefore, it’s important to know what is permitted and what should be avoided.
  • Learn the location. Make sure you know where you’ll be living. Find out where the necessary stores and buildings to satisfy your needs. Define where you can save up your money.
  • Make local friends. Obligatorily make friends with the locals. They will surely help in a foreign country if you face some problems. Besides, it’s great to have foreign friends.

Stick to these smart tricks. They’ll surely help to adapt to life in a foreign country faster. Bosnia and Herzegovina is an amazing country and can give you a lot. Therefore, learning there may be a very useful step, which will provide you with experience to succeed in your future.


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