Belgraders raised three Fingers and shouted “This is Serbia” while Travelling through Gorazde


On Friday night, a group of Belgraders caused an incident in a convoy of vehicles on a trip through Gorazde, due to which both citizens and the police intervened.

While passing through the city, they raised three fingers, and some of them shouted “This is Serbia”, and also provoked and insulted the citizens. At the call of the citizens, the police intervened, and they were stopped in the Ustikolina area, Klix.ba news portal reports.

The Bosnian-Podrinje Canton (BPC) Ministry of the Internal Affairs (MIA) points out that misdemeanor sanctions were imposed on two people for insulting people on national and religious grounds, and that they were served with misdemeanor warrants.

“At around 8 pm on Friday night, several citizens called the duty service of the Police Station in Gorazde to report that a column of vehicles with Serbian license plates was moving from ‘Trg branilaca’ and that they were pointing three fingers from their vehicles and shouting ‘This is Serbia’. Two police patrols from Gorazde were sent immediately, and Police Station in Ustikolina was informed, therefore they were soon stopped in Ustikolina. After  talks and consultations with the duty prosecutor, it was concluded that there were no elements of a criminal act, but two persons, Serbian citizens who were in an alcoholic state, were charged for insulting national and religious feelings. Unique fines of 470 BAM per person were imposed, which they paid on the spot,” said Mirsad Kamenica, from the BPC Gorazde Police Directorate.

A group of revolted young people from Gorazde also took part in the stop, who followed them along the way and informed the police, and later overtook them and slowed them down on the M20 highway.

The police confirmed that this is not the first case of harassment of citizens in this way, and that they have intervened several times before.

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