All Beauty of Vlasic Mountain encompassed in One Video

Vlasic is a mountain in the very center of Bosnia and Herzegovina(BiH). Its highest peak is Paljenik with an elevation of 1,943 m. Vlasic Mountain is famous for the cattle-breeding and cheese. It is closest to the Travnik Town.
The average winter temperature is 1 °C (29 °F) while the average summer temperature is 14.2 °C (60.8 °F). In the wintertime snowfall is abundant with an average snow coverage of up to 5 months in accumulation between 1.5-2.1 meters.

The mountain is a major center for winter tourism due to its excellent accommodation for skiing, snowboarding and other winter sports. It is also a popular destination for summer and eco-tourism with many hiking trails and wilderness areas.

Construction of the complex eco-zone Koricani – Vlasic worth 3 billion EUR should start on Vlasic soon, which will enrich tourism in Central Bosnia Canton, as well as throughout BiH, with various facilities, including golf courses, modern clinics, water parks, airport etc.
Project of eco zone Koricani-Vlasic should be built on the plateau of Vlasic, in the village Koricani.
Eco zone Koricani-Vlasic in its project includes the construction of health and educational, tourist and sports-recreation centers, luxury villas, airport, aqua park, artificial lake etc.

That Vlasic Mountain is not only crowded with tourists during the winter season is confirmed with the following video made by Mr. Tarik Arnautovic. All interested in the beauty of this magnificent mountain can feel its beauty in the following video.


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