Beautiful New Year Decorations in Bosnia-Herzegovina’s Capital


Some of the city’s symbols have been illuminated in December, as part of the ‘Winter Fairytale in Sarajevo’, a joint project by the Government of the Canton of Sarajevo, the Canton Sarajevo Tourist Board and the Municipality of Centar.

The luxurious light decorations enriched the building of the Sarajevo National Theater, Susan Sontag Square, Tito Street (from Veliki Park to Eternal Fire) and Ferhadija Street to Alija Izetbegovic Square, which will be around for twenty days – during the holidays.

Bosnian artist Edina Seleskovic is author of one of the installations set on the square in front of the Sarajevo National Theater building, which is connecting art and new technologies.

‘Augmented reality’ allows the audience to participate in the creation of a work of art with the help of new technology.

The Android application, which is activated on the installation in front of the National Theater, shows what is the trend in the world, and the artist believes that it can also contribute to the art of being a form of communication between people, news portal reports.

“We have developed an application that, with Android tablets and phones, the audience can activate on the site, enter the new world and read the messages that citizens across BiH sent me these days. They will also be able to send messages, which we will then include in the application and will be able to be seen by many others,” Seleskovic emphasized during the press conference at the Sarajevo National Theater.

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