BBI Bank on the Cover of Emirates Review

BBIThe business magazine “Emirates Review” from the United Arab Emirates issued a report on the success of Bosna Bank International Sarajevo (BBI), as the first and only bank that operates in accordance with Islamic principles in Southeast Europe.

In an announcement in the text in the column of Islamic finance, the editor writes about BBI as one of the fastest growing banks in BiH.

In an interesting analysis on Islamic banking in this region, the prominent magazine tells the story of Islamic banking and BBI bank that is in competition with 30 big conventional banks for 12 years already, and operates according to Islamic banking and records remarkable results.

The trend growth of Islamic banking in the world is followed by BBI, which from 2007-2012 records a growth in all indicators.

A number of awards and recognitions of this renowned banking institution in the last period support this, with Amer Bukvić as the Director.

BBI Bank won last year the recognition from “Superbrands 2010” and “Superbrands 2013/2014”, “Most Desirable Employer” three years in a row from 2011-2013, “Best Manager in Banking” in 2011, and the 6 April plaque of the city of Sarajevo for creating a BiH investment ambient through an international investment conference Sarajevo Business Forum, said in the article on BBI Bank, announced BBI Bank.

(Source: Fena)

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