Balkan Taekwondo Championship in Bulgaria: Three Gold Medals for BiH!

taekwandoCompetitors from the Taekwondo Club from Novi Grad Sarajevo this weekend, the 24th and 25th of September, participated in the Balkan Championships for younger cadets, cadets, juniors and seniors as part of the national team of BiH, which was held in Dupnitsa (Bulgaria).

In the competition that gathered more than 600 athletes from 12 national teams of Bulgaria, Greece, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Albania, Turkey, Kosovo, Slovenia and BiH, the team from Novi Grad participated with 21 contestant who achieved a remarkable result by winning a total of 12 medals, three gold, three silver and six bronze medals.

Gold medals and official title of Balkan champions won Dzejlana Kovacevic in the category of seniors up to 73 kg, after defeating two opponents, Nedzad Husic in the category of juniors up to 55 kg, after four remarkable victories and Adna Boric in the category of cadets over 59 kg in 3 rounds of fight. Silver medals went to Edita Murguz in the category of juniors up to 59 kg, Anes Saric in the category of juniors over 78 kg and Mak Orucevic in the category of younger cadets up to 40 kg. Armin Gredic, Samir Selimovic, Aniello Romano, Edna Abaspahic, Ali Rasidagic and Dzejla Makas finally settled with bronze medals.

Unfortunately, Sadmir Habibovic, Amar Hadzagic, Djonko Ibrahim, Irfan Catovic, Ajna Makas, Arman Dubravac, Hamza Bahtanović, Emir Kaljanac and Muhamed Djonko were defeated already in qualifying battles and thus were left with no result.

Together with competitors from Novi Grad, selection of BiH had about 50 competitors in this year’s championship of Balkans, and based on the individual results, our team qualified for the 3rd position in the overall standings of seniors.

“The competitors of our club are returning with gold medals from the Balkan Championships for eight years in a row, which speaks of the continuity of results. Performance on the Balkan Championship is just one in a series of checks to our competitors who will perform at rated tournaments of the World Taekwondo Federation and the World Junior Championships which will be held in Canada in mid-November. Our competitors are generally satisfied with their results on this championship, and the next performances will provide a comprehensive picture of the achieved forms and predicting the results that will be achieved in the most important competitions,” said Haris Husic, the coach.


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