Balet Fest Sarajevo brings new energy and motivation for residents of BiH

An exhibition of ballet performances brought new energy and motivation for residents and visitors of the “Balet Fest Sarajevo” here on Thursday late night, local media reported.

The festival officially opened with the exhibition entitled “Big Format by Franjo Horvat”, gathering the best preserved written documents about the one of the founders of the classic ballet in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the National Theater of Sarajevo.

“He was a colossal personality when it comes to the ballet. It is important to talk about Franjo Horvat and the Golden Age of Ballet because he is the first person who filmed ballets on the Yugoslav television, and his thought was that dance and ballet are equally free,” director of ballet at the National Theater Sarajevo Edina Papo said at the press conference.

8th International Festival of ballet, dances and games attracted many residents of BiH and tourists with new taste of choreographed art. The performance brought together world class ballet dancers from four countries that are Serbia, Slovenia, Macedonia and BiH.

Within this year’s festival edition, the audience will have the opportunity to watch two performances by the Slovenian national ballet ensemble which has tradition since 1919. Both performances will encompass Spanish musical elements with dance on the tips of fingers and eruption of movements and emotions.

Unlike previous years, this festival will be devoted to contemporary author choreography. Different types of ballet will be offered to ballet lovers on the festival that will take place from Sept.21-28. Enditem


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