Average Salary in Republika Srpska is higher than in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina


Republika Srpska Economy and Entrepreneurship Minister Vjekoslav Petricevic said that, thanks to the implementation of the entity’s law on economic incentives, “for the first time, the average salary in RS is higher than in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

“According to published statistics, the average salary in Republika Srpska in April this year was 946 BAM and is six BAM higher than in Federation of BiH. It was the application of this law, which began on July 1 last year, that affected this result. Once again. I call on businessmen to use the possibilities of this law and to apply on July 1, when the second accounting period begins, in the name of increasing the salaries of workers in their companies, “said Petricevic.

According to him, in that way, employers will have a satisfied worker in their team who will be more productive, and on the other hand, through this process, the business entity will achieve greater profits and benefits.

Incentive funds provided by this law are allocated to economic entities on two bases – increase in workers’ salaries and encouragement of direct investments.

(Source: SRNA,

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