Autistic Boy Slavko Mrsevic, to whom Authorities forbid the Education, finally Graduated!

Slavko Mrsevic is a young man who has the slightest form of autism, and to whom the system and institutions did not allow to continue his high school education in Rudo.

On Saturday, Mrsevic walked with his friends and celebrated the end of high school education.

Slavko has Asperger’s syndrome, the slightest form of autism, and was thrown out of the Mid Transport School in Rudo on September 1, 2016, as the school refused to adapt the curriculum and the methodology for transferring the material to its functional capabilities and status.

He was enrolled in the school in 2015 but after the first half of the grade, he did not continue.

His father, Nenad Mrsevic, informed all relevant institutions of this case and filed a ten-fold lawsuit for violating the law on secondary education and denying the boy’s right to education.

After great pressure from the public, Slavko returned to school and managed to graduate.

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