Austrians purchased Construction Company, a Hotel and several other Companies from BiH?

January 12, 2018 11:45 AM

The company BLBH Invest from Vienna took a majority share in the oldest BH construction company ZGP. This company purchased 759,515 shares of ZGP for the amount of about 1 million BAM on January 5. That is around 44 % of ownership.

The company already purchased a certain number of shares, and it now owns 61. 4 % of ZGP. The company will also offer to other shareholders to take over their shares, in order to become a 100 % owner. An interesting fact is that hotel Grand from Sarajevo is in the possession of ZGP as well.

ZGP is one of the former giants of BH construction industry, but it has been in a difficult position in recent years.

Moreover, BLBH Invest purchased 461,990 shares of Unis komerc Ltd. Sarajevo on January 5, which makes 48 % of its shares, and they will announce an offer for taking over the remaining shares in the future period as well.

Furthermore, BLBH Invest purchased a company for trade with medicinal goods Medicomerc in mid-2017, and they own about 70 % of that company now.

According to the business media and based on the Austrian registers of business enterprises, BLBH Invest GmbH was established on February 2, 2017 and its 100 % owner is Branimir Lubura.




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