WHO Assigned a Letter of Thanks to the Town of Sarajevo

WHOWorld Health Organization assigned a letter of thanks to the town of Sarajevo for its commitment and contribution to the European net of healthy towns WHO in the period of 2009 – 2013 i.e. in the V phase of this project.

It’s stated in the letter, among other things, that the town of Sarajevo, as a full member og the European net of healthy towns in IV (2003-2008) and V (2009 – 2013) phase, and that is more than ten years now, tries to contribute through city decisions, to create new and develop the currently present educational projects destined to improve the health and to create conditions for a more healthy life of all citizens.

Throughout numerous projects within the “Sarajevo – healthy town” program, the town of Sarajevo is promoting healthy way of living and is raising awareness of its citizens about the importance of good nourishment and physical activities.

(Source: Vijesti.ba)

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