An App that promotes BiH Products launched

January 4, 2017 11:45 AM

buy-387-appThanks to the new app for smartphones designed by BiH IT experts, now you can win prizes buy purchasing BiH products.

The app Buy 387 works in a way that it gives you points after you buy one of BiH products and scan the code. Ten users who collect the most points in a month will be rewarded.

It is interesting that in a little over 24 hours the app Buy 387 has almost 1.000 users and the number increases hour after hour.

“My colleague Velid Vrabac and I, with the help from our colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla, developed the app for Buy 387, which will be a big hit I think. Instead of Pokemons, let’s go hunt for domestic products,” said Nusmir Mekić, one of the developers.

Mekić graduated from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Tuzla with an average grade of 9.75 and he was rewarded recently in Denmark for his project of cheap wind power plants that everyone will be able to afford and which are two to three times cheaper than the conventional ones.

Developers of the app, which can be found on Google Play Store, say that in this way people get acquainted with BiH products and purchase of BiH products support education, health and the better future of BiH.

“We decided to reward best ten users from the previous month at the beginning of every month. The plan is to have different prizes every month, in order to encourage different people to play with us. We hope that we will find a partner who will help us provide the best possible prizes and make everyone satisfied,” said Mekić.

So far the app is available for Android phones, and they are preparing a version for iOS devices as well.



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