Analysts: Brexit would hinder the Path of BiH to the EU

UKThe exit of Great Britain from the European Union at yesterday’s referendum in that country might leave certain consequences on the BiH path towards the EU, according to economic and political analysts from BiH.

Political analyst Adnan Juskić stated that yesterday’s referendum was “unnecessary” and that Great Britain found itself in that situation primarily because of the impropriety of the policy of David Cameron.

“Apart from being the initiator of the voting on the referendum, Cameron is the biggest advocate for voting against the exit of the country from the EU, which is paradoxical. He did it under the pressure of those from the lower house of the Conservative party, but it is unbelievable that someone let himself to such risk just to change the situation in his party. Consequences might be immeasurable and it is impossible to predict them, although the market is already showing signs of fear,” Huskić said.

Huskić wonders “what will happen when an organization, which is in this case the only true guiding star for BiH – the EU, loses one country like Great Britain and experiences one such shock?” Huskić believes this would be a precedent because it never happened before that some country exits the EU, especially a country like Great Britain.

“This would be an absolute disaster because the EU would hardly have strength and capacity to keep dealing with our country in a serious manner. When the Americans do not have a significant role in BiH and the role of Europeans is insufficient, then countries like Russia, Turkey and other countries might step in, countries that do not contribute to the general security and the creation of environment that would support the development of democracy in BiH,” said Huskić.

Economic analyst Anto Domazet highlighted that the referendum in Great Britain might potentially have economic, political and social consequences for BiH.

“Regarding the economic effects, I do not believe that this will leave a deep trace and significant consequences because Britain is not included in the European monetary union and economic relations between our country and Britain are not especially developed. This country has lately had an active engagement towards BiH and its path towards the EU and also familiar is the British-German initiative from 2014 which resulted in better relationship between the two countries,” Domazet pointed out.

According to Domazet, social consequences of the exit of Great Britain from the EU might reflect on the lives of Bosnians and Herzegovinians who live there, although not to a large extent.

“That is a country where universal freedoms and human rights are implemented on the basis of national legislative. Overall impression is that without Britain, the EU is weakened I economic and political sense and staying in the EU would certainly be favorable for our country. We strive towards the EU that should be strong and active, and citizens of Great Britain will today vote for staying in the EU,” Domazet was convinced yesterday.

(Source: klix.ba/photo: pewglobal.org)

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