What is the Amount of the Highest Salary in BiH in 2016?

July 22, 2017 7:00 AM

While the average salary in the FBiH amounts to about 860 BAM, and although it is well known fact rhat the unemployment rate is very high, it seems that there is no crisis for some people, at least according to the reported amount of their monthly salaries.

According to the recordings of the Tax Administration of the FBiH, the highest salary in BiH was paid in December in 2016, and it amounted to 224.134,16 BAM. This salary was paid in the sector of money intermediation.

The aforementioned activity includes the collection of deposits and substitutes of deposits and the approval of loan funds as well as the activities of postal savings banks, the approval of housing loans from specialized deposit institutions, as well as processing of money orders.

The above-mentioned salary was paid in Canton Sarajevo. In the Tax Administration of the FBiH could not tell whether some additional money, such as a dividend payment, was included in this amount, but they noted that everything was submitted under the income or salary.

This fact further confirms that a growing gap is created between the rich and the poor. The highest average salaries are recorded in the banking sector and on managerial positions, while the lowest salaries were recorded in the production, i.e. real sector.

It should also be mentioned that a large number of citizens have a salary below the average, not taking into account how regular it actually is.

In parallel with that, from the Government of BiH was released the information on a constant increase of the number of employees, which is 33,527 new employees together with GDP growth.

(Source: S. H./Klix.ba)


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