What is the amount of the Highest and the Lowest Salary in FBiH?

March 20, 2017 12:30 PM

money2According to recent data from the Tax Administration of the FBiH, the number of employees whose salary is less than 500 BAM is 146,731. This data that is incomplete due to the fact that the Federal Tax Administration did not receive all monthly reports on all salaries paid in the entity.

According to the records of the Tax Administration of the FBiH, in January 2017 were employed a total of 499,353 legal entities and physical persons-craftsmen, while that number in February was 498,567.

In October 2016, the number of employees with a salary less than 500 BAM amounted to 174,363, in November it amounted to 169,332, while in December it was 146,731. From the Tax Administration of the FBiH stated that the data on the number of employees who have a salary lower than 500 BAM are not complete.

“Tax Administration still has no information that is submitted monthly on the form MIP-1023 – Monthly Report on paid salaries, realized benefits, and other taxable income from employment, paid contributions and income tax. The deadline for submission of the Form MIP-1023 for January 2017 is the 15th of March 2017, so we selected this presented data on the basis of the forms that we have received so far,” as said from the Tax Administration of FBiH.

When asked about the amounts of the highest salaries paid in the FBiH, the Tax Administration of FBiH responded that in January 2017 the highest amount of paid salaries amounted to 37,143 BAM, 26,887 BAM, 24,447 BAM, 22,418 BAM and 21,772 BAM.

In February 2017, the largest paid salaries were 60,576 BAM, 34,182 BAM, 30,795 BAM, 24,447 BAM and 23,470 BAM.

Recently, the executive director of the Association for consumer protection “Don” Murisa Maric said that the authorities have to be aware that it is impossible for a family of four to live from 500 BAM per month.

Analysts warn that citizens should not agree that politicians interpret their standard of living in a rude way and convince them that more than half of the population can live in dignity with a salary of 600 BAM a month or even less.

(Source: Er. M./Klix.ba)


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