Ambassador Roem Kono presented Credential Letter to the Chairman of the Presidency of BiH

In a conversation with Ambassador Roem Kono, Chairman of Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Milorad Dodik expressed his admiration for Indonesia as a large, pluralistic country but all of its people can live in harmony with one another with different ethnic, ethnic and religious backgrounds. For this reason, there is a strong desire that Indonesia can also embrace all entities, districts, ethnicities and religions in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Responding to this, Ambassador Roem Kono expressed hope that the parties in BiH could continue the process of discussing the proposed Visa Free Agreement for Ordinary Passport Holders, given that the Indonesian Government had implemented a visa-free policy for the short visit of Bosnian citizens to Indonesia.

Ambassador Roem Kono believes that the exemption of the visa regime between the two countries can be a key factor that opens opportunities for cooperation and encourages the improvement of bilateral relations between the two countries after the conditions of this pandemic improve.

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