All Accommodation capacities in the Canton Sarajevo reserved for the arrival of Pope

May 13, 2015 5:48 PM

turisti1The visit of Pope Francis to Bosnia and Herzegovina, which is scheduled for 6th of June, has significant meaning for the whole country and concrete benefits is expected in the tourism sector.

More than 70,000 people is expected at the Mass at Koševo, and arrival of such a large mass of believers have a positive effect, directly or indirectly, on the tourist image of the city and our state, said Asja Hadžiefendić-Mešic from the Tourist Board of the Sarajevo Canton.

She considers that the arrival of the Pope, in addition to the increased number of tourists, is a good message to the world and signal that B&H is the place worth to visit.

“It is certain that a unique message will be sent to the world from Sarajevo, which is the right place for it to be sent, and that is the message of peace, love, coexistence and all that good among the people what needs to be developed. Tourism is certainly one of the ways to create such relationships among people, “said Hadžiefendić-Mešić.

According to unofficial information, the majority of guests will be from Croatia, but also other countries in the region.

“It is certain that there will be a large number of Germans, Italians and Austrians who are normally the most numerous tourists in our country,” said Hadžiefendić-Mešić, adding that it is certain that there will be a significant number of believers and admirers of Pope from all over the world.

Speaking about accommodation capacities, she pointed out that all are already reserved, but it is increasing every day.

The tourist offer of the Sarajevo Canton registered 8,800 beds, but this number is increasing daily, said Hadžiefendić-Mešić.

“I think we will be able to meet the demands of numerous guests without any problems,” she concluded.



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