All Accommodation Capacities fully booked in Banja Luka

December 12, 2017 12:30 PM

Director of the Tourist Board of Banja Luka, Ostoja Barasin, stated that all accommodation facilities in Banja Luka are already sold out during the New Year’s holidays in late December and at the beginning of January next year.

“That is expected and planned,” stated Barasin, and added that the expectations regarding visits and the arrival of tourists during this period are fully satisfied.

Barasin also stated that rich programs and offers are planned in the month of December and until the mid-January in this BH city.

He also noted that the number of tourists from Central Europe, Austria, Germany and the Benelux countries recorded an increase as well.

Director of the Tourist Board of Banja Luka stated that this city has limited number of accommodation capacities, and that the total number of registered beds in the month of October amounted to 1,929.

During the month of October, a total of 8,464 tourist arrivals were recorded in Banja Luka, i.e. 3,865 domestic and 4,599 foreign tourists, and a total of 12,973 overnight stays were realized.



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