6th Meeting of Prosecutors’s Office Coordination Team held in Sarajevo

The Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Gordana Tadić, held the 6th meeting of the Coordination Team in charge of actions related to the prevention and combating the spread of Coronavirus – COVID 19.

At the meeting, the undertaken activities were analysed and it was concluded that the recommendations and instructions provided by the HJPC BiH and competent institutions to ensure organizational, disinfection, health, preventive and safety conditions for the work of the institution in accordance with the current epidemiological situation had been complied with.

In accordance with the Decision of the HJPC BiH, activities have been agreed to ensure work in such conditions that would warrant keeping the social distance and health and epidemiological protection of all the employees who come to work at the headquarters of the institution, and of all the persons who come to the institution upon invitation.

Also, necessary conditions have been provided in order to enable unhindered work with the parties and conduct of the activities within the institution’s jurisdiction.

In order to ensure that the preventive measures of employees’ protection are in place, a prescribed regime of employees’ arrival at the institution has been introduced, along with the regime of the disinfection of the employees and their temperature measurement, as well as other activities aimed at preventing infection and creating a safe and healthy environment and work conditions.

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