6.6 Million BAM Subsidy for employing People with Disabilities

September 28, 2017 2:30 PM

The Fund for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment of Persons with Disabilities announced a public call for the grant of a stimulus in 2017 for the new employment of persons with disabilities.

In order to encourage the employment of persons with disabilities in 2017, 6.6 million BAM was allocated.

“The basic amount of the monetary stimulus granted per newly employed person with disabilities is 7,000 BAM, and the maximum amount that can be awarded per person is 15,750.00 BAM, depending on the individual criteria,” the call reads.

All employers who employ a person with an at least 60% disability have the right to apply for the subsidy.

This also applies to persons with disabilities whose degree of disability is 60% or more, persons with at least 70% physical injuries, if this damage results in a reduction in productivity in accordance with the Law or a person with moderate or mild mental disabilities which initiate independent or agricultural activity as the sole and main occupation for the purpose of self-employment, provided that they prove that they have registered the appropriate form of activity in the period after the conclusion of the last concluded public call of the Fund, or after April 7, 2017.

Funds can be used to adapt the workplace and working conditions to the needs of the person with disabilities, which involves the adaptation of the space and the purchase of special equipment and equipment in accordance with the needs of the person with disabilities in their work, the acquisition of funds for the work of the self-employed / self-employed, and, if necessary, financing the procurement of raw materials and repro materials, which do not include consumer goods intended for resale.

(Source: Akta.ba)


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