50 Members of the Armed Forces of BiH were sent off to Afghanistan

December 6, 2017 2:00 PM

The ceremonial send-off of 45 members of the infantry unit from the Fourth Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and 5 members of the military police unit to the peace support mission in Afghanistan, was held on Monday in the barracks “Bozan Simovic” in Capljina.

On that occasion, commander of the 4th  Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of BiH, Brigadier General – Tomo Kolenda, said the unit was trained and capable to carry out a mission in the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

Through six months of training, the troupe has gone through all tactics, techniques and procedures exclusively aimed at carrying out the mission that they will finish in Afghanistan, Kolenda added.

45 soldiers will be in the mission, three of them are female, and five members of the military police unit, one of which is a female.

“The infantry unit will be providing one of the bases of the coalition forces in Afghanistan, and the military and police unit will only do military-police tasks, “ said the brigadier general.

BiH Armed Forces Joint Headquarters Chief, General Colonel – Anto Jelec, said that the aim of the BiH Armed Forces Authority is to make the mission successful and that BH soldiers, on the Euro-Atlantic path and on the path of MAP activation, become even more present in NATO-led operations.

“For the first time, we are sending military police in the mission, and we have chosen the reinforcement because the mission requires it. This gives us the ability to check what we have learned and why we have been capable to do better plans in the future, in order to make the Armed Forces of BiH, individuals and units better, more efficient and better organized, “ Jelec said.

He added that NATO rated the Armed Forces of BiH as good, and said they are doing their job well.

Source: ST


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