Youngest Ironman in BiH swam 21 Kilometers to raise Awareness about Breast Cancer

Timur Cerkez, a triathlete and the youngest Ironman in Bosnia and Herzegovina, decided on an unusual humane move. He swam 21.1 kilometers with the aim of raising people’s awareness about breast cancer and prostate cancer.

He swam in the pool, which means that he crossed its length 844 times. Cerkez spoke for “Avaz” about his move, but also about how the coronavirus pandemic affected him, and about plans for next year.

”21 kilometers is not a small distance. There is fatigue, but not as much as I expected. The adrenaline still keeps me from all that, it was quite a long distance,” says Cerkez.

He adds that he does everything with certainty and that he will not engage in something that is too much of a risk.

“I was sure that I could swim this distance, even without excessive preparation. It took me about a month to focus intensely on some things, like certain movements, to simulate the fatigue I would have, two days in a row some longer swims and other little things. More or less, there was not a single moment where I doubted myself,” Cerkez points out.

Next year, he do a “half ironman” distance in May in Kotor, then the European Championship, and then he will work on trying to qualify for the World Championship.

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