Enormous Increase in the Number of Voters as Alarm to Bosnia’s Prosecutors Office




The enormous increase in the number of absentee voters and the reports of citizens that they are on the voter lists against their will, were an alarm to the Brcko District Prosecutor’s Office. Seven people are already in custody.

Zekerija Mujkanovic, Chief Prosecutor of the Prosecutor’s Office of the Brcko District of BiH stated that they are mainly charged with the criminal offenses of preparing a criminal offense as a separate criminal offense under the Criminal Code of the Brcko District for the criminal offense of forging a document and also with the criminal offense of accepting gifts and other forms of benefit.

In the Brcko District, 23 citizens registered to be on the postal voting certificate against their will. Representatives of the four parties also pointed out irregularities. It is suspected that this is only a part of what could appear as an irregularity in the following period, on the day of the elections, but also after that, and question the validity of the entire election process.

Dzevida Hukicevic, Brcko District Police Spokesperson stated: “The Brcko District Police has more open investigations to follow, which concerns the commission of criminal offenses against the freedom and rights of citizens, and these activities are moving in the direction of the upcoming elections, as well as on the day of the local elections on November 15, 2020.”

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