Tests for Coronavirus from BiH are not valid for Entry into Slovenia

Although Slovenia relaxed measures to cross the border or enter the country on Saturday, Interior Minister Ales Hoys said on Monday that the tests made in Bosnia and Herzegovina were not valid for entering Slovenia.

On Saturday, the Government of Slovenia amended the decree on the implementation of measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus at border crossings at the external border and at checkpoints within the country, and adjusted it to the recommendations of the European Commission, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.

On Sunday, he redefined the list of countries, and now parts of countries, according to epidemiological risk. The decision will take effect on Tuesday. Although the Slovenes first announced that they recognize the tests for the coronavirus that were done in certain laboratories in BiH, the decision was changed.

“We are introducing the possibility for a person who should be quarantined at the border to show a test during quarantine, and in case of a negative test, his quarantine period will be interrupted,” Interior Minister Ales Hoys said at a press conference.

He reminded that the test that shows that person is not infected with the coronavirus at the border must not be older than 48 hours and must be performed in any verified laboratory within the European Union. Therefore, BiH citizens will be able to travel to Slovenia without a 10-day quarantine, but on the condition that they have a negative PCR test for the coronavirus, which was done in one of the EU and Schengen countries.

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