Over 200,000 tested and over 23,000 Infected with Coronavirus in Bosnia and Herzegovina

According to the review of the epidemiological situation, which is regularly submitted by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, 23,635 cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far, and 211,329 people have been tested.

A total of 705 patients died, while 16,166 recovered. So far, in the Federation of BiH, the infection has been confirmed in 15,050 people out of 136,563 people tested, the number of dead is 409, and 10,604 people have recovered.

In the Republika Srpska, 8,283 cases of infection have been confirmed so far, 71,391 have been tested, 277 people have died, and 5,290 people have recovered from the consequences of the coronavirus.

According to data for the Brcko District of BiH, 302 cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed, 3,375 people were tested, 19 people died, and 272 people recovered from coronavirus. 6,764 active cases were recorded in BiH. Of these, 4,037 in the FBiH, 2,716 in the RS and 11 in the Brcko District of BiH.

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