1.9 million BAM for Beneficiaries of Veteran-disability Protection in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Beneficiaries of veteran-disability protection in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina will have their disability benefits and allowances increased by 2.07 percent in October.

If it is known that in the FBiH the lowest disability allowance for a war veteran is 47 BAM, it will not be increased by a 1 BAM, Avaz news portal reports.

On the other hand, the highest disability allowance with someone else’s care and orthopedic allowance is 1,960 BAM and it will be higher by almost 40 BAM.

When it comes to martyr families, they will receive an increase of ten BAM. This increase is the result of returning the coefficient for calculating disability benefits to one. For an increase of 2.07 percent for a total of four months, 1.9 million BAM will be allocated.

The president of the Federation of War Invalids of FBiH, Esad Delic, told “Avaz” that the increase should have taken place at the beginning of this year, but it was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“We have not had an increase for ten years, we managed to start this process. This 2.07 percent is all we could do for this year. But next year, we will seek adjustment to the average salary in the Federation of BiH,” Delic explained.

He stated that war invalids in FBiH expect to have an increase of up to ten percent annually from next year. When we went to war, no one promised us money. But now we are fighting for our rights and now we have an adequate interlocutor in the FBiH Government. We have promised that there will be an increase, but now the elections are coming and tensions are rising. Promises come, as soon as the elections are over, they forget us, but we will follow what will happen after the elections and we will react if necessary,” Delic pointed out.

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