Record Number of Children on Waiting Lists for Enrolment in Kindergardens

As many as 1,500 children are currently on the waiting list for enrollment in kindergartens in the Sarajevo Canton, the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of Canton Sarajevo Anis Krivić confirmed for “Avaz“.

He explained that this year, the waiting list is much longer than last year. For comparison, last year at this time we had only 450 of children on waiting lists. But, this year, a large number of parents decided to take their children from private kindergartens and register them in the Public Institution “Children of Sarajevo”, Krivic explained.

The capacities of the Public Institution “Children of Sarajevo”, he stated, are already filled.

“Unlike last year, this year we will have a second enrollment deadline. A large increase in the number of children waiting happened because this time the parents are trying to receive subsidies that were determined last year by the then convocation of Canton Sarajevo Government. Therefore, they knowingly take children from private schools and registered them in the cantonal kindergarten,” Krivic pointed out.

He explained that the reason for dropping out is not that the parents want the children to be in the Public Institution “Children of Sarajevo”, but their goal is that, when the child is not accepted due to overbooking, they receive a subsidy to pay for a private kindergarten in the amount of 200 BAM.

“When the last Canton Sarajevo government determined the subsidy, it was a good decision that quickly solved the waiting list, but no account was taken of what it will bring this year,” says Krivic.

He adds that he would be the happiest if the Public Institution “Children of Sarajevo” could receive all registered children.

Unfortunately, that is not possible. But, this year the accommodation capacities will expand and we will have three new kindergartens, Krivic explained. He added that the biggest pity was that the parents dropped the children out of the kindergartens in which they had already got used to their friends and educators.

“I hope that we will find a way to keep these children in the kindergartens they attended last year,” Krivic concluded. 

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