Tegeltija: Council of Ministers to create Budget to Help those who suffered damage due to Pandemic

Chairman of the Council of Ministers Zoran Tegeltija welcomed the adoption of the budget of institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and international obligations for 2020 and emphasized that the Council of Ministers will try to create a fund that will be used to help those who suffered damage due to the coronavirus pandemic, Avaz news portal reports.

Tegeltija stated that the adoption of the budget confirmed everything he said in the past months, and among other things, that the funds for holding the elections will be provided regardless of the budget.

“Although the financial means for holding the elections were not questionable even before the budget was adopted, what is certain now is that those who are against their holding, now have no argument for obstruction regarding the holding of elections,” Tegeltija pointed out.

He added that now everything is up to the Central Election Commission, which should conduct the procedures, and the citizens, who should go to vote.

“But what is certainly the most important thing now is that we all turn together to the economy and repair the damage caused by the coronavirus pandemic, which is still going on,” said Tegeltija.

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