Cantonal Ministers spoke about Distribution of IMF Funds


Prime Minister of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina entity Fadil Novalic spoke on Wednesday at the headquarters of the Federal Government in Sarajevo with a delegation of the Sarajevo Canton Government led by Cantonal Prime Minister Mario Nenadic, with Cantonal Finance Minister Jasmin Halebic, Economy Minister Draško Jelicic and Minister of Transport Adi Kalem.

This was one in a series of regular meetings of the FBiH Prime Minister with representatives of the Sarajevo Canton Government. The delegation of the Sarajevo Canton expressed interest in the distribution of funds of the International Monetary Fund to the cantons, specifically to the Sarajevo Canton.

Prime Minister Nenadic stated that the Sarajevo Canton expects these funds because it is a way to mitigate part of the consequences caused by coronavirus pandemic on the economy.

Prime Minister Novalic informed the guests about how he expects the decisions on the distribution of International Monetary Fund funds provided for cantons and local self-government units, municipalities and cities to be made at the next session of the Federal Government.

The Federal Prime Minister reiterated the great interest of the Federation of BiH in the construction of the First Transfersal Road in Sarajevo, adding that there are funds allocated for this purpose by which the FBiH participates in the implementation of this important project.


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